Demos In The Basement (SBR/CDA/JPN)


CD 1

Slaves And Masters Demos 

Fire In The Basement (inst. Demo)
Fortuneteller (Demo '91)
Jam Session #1 '91
Slow Down Sister (Demo '91) #1
Jam Session #2 '91
Jam Session #3 '91
Unreleased Song #1
Unreleased Song #2
Unreleased Song #3
Fortuneteller (Demo '91) Long Intro Version
Slow Down Sister (Demo '91) #2

(Bonus Track)
King Of Dreams (Unplugged)

CD 2

The Battle Rages On Demos

Ramshacle Man (Demo)
Twist In The Tale (Demo)
Anya (Demo, 12/92)
The Battle Rages On (inst. Demo)
The Battle Rages On (Demo)
Lick It Up (Rough Take)
Solitaire (Demo)

(Bonus Tracks) from 'The Battle Rages On'
UK Promo Only 4 Track Sampler

Anya (Edit)
Time To Kill (Excerpt)
The Battle Rages On (Excerpt)
Talk About Love (Excerpt)